Unlikely Stories

A Likely Story is the name of a bookstore in Sykesville, Maryland, about 30 minutes west of Baltimore in Carroll County.

Ten years ago, I was the first writer to appear at this brand-new bookstore. Great time to open a bookstore, right? Well, a decade later, A Likely Story is thriving, which was far from a likely story. I had an SRO crowd there tonight, more than 80 people, and the store had sold 168 copies of Wilde Lake. That ain't hay, to quote a line from a favorite Cole Porter song. 

Really good bookstores are like really good friends. We can always use another one. Authors have to be partners with all retailers -- and I am. Thank you to anyone who sells my books, even if it's for a penny, or used. Thank you for selling my books at garage sales or putting them into Little Free Libraries. Heck, thank you for using them to swat flies, or prop up a strangely short table leg. I'm just so pleased that my books exist. Everything else is gravy.