A(G) Anonymous

I almost fell off the wagon Sunday. I came thisclose to looking at the Amazon rating for WILDE LAKE. 

I don't remember when I stopped looking at my Amazon ratings and Googling myself. Most people don't believe me when I tell them I went cold turkey on this habit. They assume all authors do this compulsively. And until five, ten years ago, I did. 

Then one day, I typed my name into the Google search engine and I became aware of what I was feeling, this strange mix of giddiness and dread, with dread ascendant. I remembered a story my husband told me about a friend with maybe a tiny bit of a gambling issue. The friend told him that the best part of gambling wasn't winning, it was the sensation he had in the moment the roulette wheel was spinning. 

So I stopped. The good news gets to you, eventually. So does the bad news. Pay attention to the people in your life, who likes to bring you which. 

I'll be on WYPR, Baltimore's NPR station, live at noon today; the interview will then go up on the Internet. Then I'm off to Richmond. Tomorrow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxOF7y7_-5o